Friday, 15 July 2011

Picture first ...

.... that way you get to enjoy the thought of tomatoes all day!
Any further blog will be later ... or not at all!!
 And Eliot spotted a mouse when I was having an early coffee in the garden ... so here he is ... watching and waiting at the garden shed!  I'd imagine the mouse will find other routes home and Eliot will be there for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Beware, Eliot doesn't know the vegan interlude was voluntary and he may leave his mistress a nice meaty titbit for breakfast tomorrow. Try to look pleased! MrsMcF

Rev Elizabeth said...

Eliot has no chance of catching a mouse! He used to sit and watch them walking around the living room!
Vegan food is good ... am continuing to enjoy it even though Paul is now in France.

Kelly said...

Oh, what a tasty picture! Where I grew up, the best summer sandwich was a tomato fresh from the garden on bread, lots of mayo and a bit of salt.

I'm afraid a wee sleekit cowrin tim'rous beastie wouldn't stand a chance here with Bright Spot kitty. We did have a few when we first moved in and they were dutifully herded about the house by Patch and Data, Matty's predecessors.