Thursday, 14 July 2011

Only one ...

... photograph today!
It's hard to believe ... glorious sunshine, day off and the camera was used just once.
When the picture was taken each hemisphere was quartered into pieces that reminded me of half time at hockey matches!  Aluminium plates with eleven segments of orange were brought from the sidelines to the teams ... a refreshing moment while we stood huddled on the grassy pitch.
Yes, I played hockey in the days long before all weather pitches were invented and our school continued to have grass long after many others had changed to the gritty surfaces.
Of course, that meant we were able to hit the hockey balls faster and further than teams that didn't have to work against the grassy turf and the strong sea breezes!  It probably also helped that we were co-educational and after school impromptu games were both boys and girls.
So seeing, and then enjoying, the eight little bits of orange brought back fond memories ... even games played in sleet and snow were memorable.  This was also in a time when girls played in tee shirts, short gym slips and knee socks.  Not for us were the cardigans and jumpers or track suits that came along in later years!
Memories are strange things ... and re-reading some D L Sayers has brought its own layers ... that is sometimes where the book was bought or first read.  All of them have been re-read many times and a few are loose leaf now!  It's comfortable reading when the outcome is more or less remembered and the characters are familiar.  Lord Peter Wimsey continues to be a favourite of mine and D L Sayers' style of writing is enjoyable.
So, it has been a gentle day off ... a little shopping, a little ironing, a little gardening ... and a lot of reading!

In peace and unity 
may your people offer the unfailing sacrifice of praise, 
and make your glory known; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thursday prayers. 

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