Tuesday, 5 July 2011


 For eight days (seven if you omit the lemon) I have enjoyed an early morning piece of fruit.  Every time thinking about God's goodness and provision, the variety and wealth in creation ... and our lifestyle that affords so much choice in diet.  We are a privileged people and often don't appreciate it.
Even being able to turn on a tap for fresh cold water (or hot water if it comes to that) without a second thought and wondering if it is safe to drink ... that is luxury.  Indeed, if the days were ever warm enough to require it ... you could have a shower or a bath as frequently as you wish!
A cousin (first, once removed) is in town and he and another cousin (with her children ... who are my first cousins twice removed) called round for coffee and bringing a wonderfully soft, light, fresh cinnamon loaf from a little bakery on the Belmont Church Road.  I think I'm going to have to find excuses to call in there from time to time!
 Thomas is involved in an amazing project in Kenya ...
 The children were fascinated by the collection of turtles and they had a grand time collecting together all the smallest ones ... they have no idea just how many turtles there are around the rectory!  Their mum remembers me keeping the real terrapin ... which Thomas helpfully reminded us was over thirty years ago!  How time flies!!
 Paul cooked dinner tonight and we enjoyed a sumptuous Mexican feast.  The flavours are so good and it is packed full of fresh goodness.
Before that I had a look in at the Holiday Bible Club ... some craft work involved a bit of sticking things onto "planets".  
 The early rains had cleared away so the parachute was taken outside for the games.  We are so fortunate to have a large grassy area for play.
Life ... a full life ... and rejoicing in God's goodness.

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So that's Thomas!!....and he's got his hair cut :-)