Friday, 29 July 2011


Home is where you can lie on the sofa and kick your heels in the air ... if that's what you want to do!  Well ... if you're a dog ... you shouldn't be doing it on the furniture ... but every once in a while it feels good, so good!
This photograph was early morning using the flash ... so I managed to get a few non-blurred pictures.  Dog was in a strange mood ... bouncing around all over the place, wanting to play games ... and then he spotted a squirrel in the garden!  It was hard to hold him in the house but he'd have been off after the little thing and creating a loud fuss as well ... not good at seven o'clock!
For ages afterwards he sat waiting for it to return and at ever slight flutter of a leaf Eliot's head turned ... you'd get dizzy watching him.  In theory the chair with the blanket is the only one where he's permitted ... but a blind eye is often turned if he ends up somewhere else!
That is one corner of the bay window and this painting and bookcase is at the other corner.  It is a very relaxing place with an armchair and footstool beside a beautiful oil painting of a Spanish beach.  I find it very restful.
Beside it is an olive wood cross from the Holy Land given to me seven or eight years ago.
The pastel is the combined work of two friends ... one who found the piece of driftwood in the shape of a victorious cross, and the other who did the background for it.
Anemones and cornflower are two of my favourite flowers and now growing enthusiastically in the garden ... this means fresh flowers in the house every day.
"Home is where my dog is" was given to me recently ... a gift from America.  I guess the sentiment on it is true!  Like most shelves in the house you're likely to find one or two (or more) pairs of earrings!  They are gathered up at the end of the week and returned to their stand in the bedroom ... usually!
As for housework ... I couldn't use a lot of the pictures of the shelf because the layer of dust was clearly visible ... doing housework is generally kept for days that don't end in "y"!
The fruit series has ended ... although someone has requested a picture of a peach ... just as soon as I find a nice one I'll do that ... meanwhile we're back to a random collection ... the one with the oil painting was today's 365 offering.
Good night all .... apologies to those who checked in earlier and found only pictures ... I had to go out for a while!
Tomorrow - fun day at church with bouncy castle, fairground organ and games for children.  Free tea and coffee and juice.  Lots of sweets and fun. If you're around the Lisburn Road in the afternoon do pop in for a while.


ROBERTA said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics:)

Anonymous said...

love the pics, especially the housework one, how did you get eliot to pose

julie moreland said...

its me auntie i seem to hit the wrong button

Anonymous said...

a fabulous selection of photos:)) Judyx