Thursday, 28 July 2011

The fruit basket is full!

After a month of juicy fruit photographs ... I'm ending this particular series .... five melons, two pears, lots of berries, some exotic varieties and only one (rhubarb) gathered from the garden!  It has been fun and, although I eat a good range of fruit normally, this series has certainly brought in a few extras!  Only one, the fig, was a dreadful disappointment.
Today's offering is the cantaloupe, or perhaps more correctly, the muskmelon.
Of all the varieties it is perhaps the most nutritious and is packed full of flavour.
Suggestions welcome now for the next photographic challenge ... though I don't promise to use all of them!
There's a chance that the blog might happen twice today - the observant among you will have noted that this is an early morning offering (for a change)!  This is a day off and it is likely to be something of a cafĂ©-crawl!
And, lest you think this is summer ... today's temperature at nine o'clock in the morning is ...
13 °C


ROBERTA said...

what a great colorful and full of vitamins:)

i didn't get to meet Eva as i was out of town on tuesday & that was the only day she was here. i'm so bummed by this...


Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi ... the fruit series was fun to do.
Sorry you didn't get a chance to meet Eva ... hope you do soon.
Nice to see you checking in here.

Kelly said...

Oh, the pictures are so refreshing! Especially now, having just come back from walking Mr. Matty and it is still 85 degrees F (about 29 degrees C).

Anonymous said...

such a variety and colours :)) and all looing delicious. Take care, Judyx