Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Yesterday ... today ....

Yesterday!  Blue sky early morning ... blue sky late evening!  A summer's day ... temperatures had risen to the low 20s.
Well ... today began in the same way ... a beautiful blue sky!
 But it certainly didn't end like that!
By seven o'clock the clouds had gathered and were pouring down heavy rain ... winter clothes were brought out and fires all over the country were being lit.  Summer has gone ... though the optimists say that it will return tomorrow.  At least it isn't freezing cold - though they suggest that this evening's temperature will be tomorrow's high!  Humph!
16 °C
The gardeners had been in the late afternoon and, having spread fertilizer on the grass, had instructed me to water it in before Eliot went out.  This I did ... and then the rain came!  Typical!
These guys are so reliable and already the garden is beginning to look more cared for ... with the feed and the rain it should become green again.  There are one or two patches at the back where I think maybe a bit of grass seed would help!
As for the 365Project ...
The fruit series is drawing to an end ... today is, I think, the penultimate one.  It just happens to be a sunny red grapefruit.  Delicious!
There are plenty more things I could take ... but thirty one days, each with a different fruit, is maybe enough!  It's been fun (for me anyhow).
Tomorrow ... day off ... and that has a trip to IKEA planned for breakfast with one friend ... and then meeting another friend for lunch ... no doubt a bit of trumpet practice in between!  The book I'm using has a "March in C and D" ... so I need to get that up to marching speed!  At the minute it would suit a turtle but not exactly a marching band.  I might even get as far as a "March in C, D and E"!  Roll on the day when I can play four notes!  Eliot doesn't seem to mind the racket too much and so far hasn't tried to accompany me ... let's hope it stays that way.

May the God of hope 
fill you with all joy and peace in believing, 
so that by the Holy Spirit
you may abound in hope.  Amen.

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