Thursday, 21 July 2011

"Hello" and "Good bye"

 It was far too cold today properly to enjoy this delicious watermelon ... they are always best eaten outside in very warm weather ... but once again the central heating is on and folk are wearing winter clothes!
I took a quick run over to IKEA this morning ... looking (vaguely) for some kind of linen chest ... .  There were a couple of items that might do ... but maybe I will have a look at one or two auctions first ... The hanging made from the bag clips amused me though I'll not be creating that in the rectory just yet!
 The old garlic press, having served me for thirty five years (or more), finally gave up the ghost.  The whole perforated section simply came out with the clove that was being squeezed!  So, after much deliberation, weighing up the pros and cons of a number of contemporary models, this is the new gadget!  If it lasts for thirty years ... and there's no reason to imagine that it won't ... then I'll still be using it well into my nineties!  Old lady with garlic breath ... hmmm ... not an attractive thought!
 Meanwhile, back in the jungle, Eliot tried without success to get me to play!  However, now at ten o'clock we're heading out for a walk, so he can't complain about being totally neglected ...
So, with coat and hat to brave the wintry evening we're off for a wander in the dark and drizzle!  It always helps to clear your head - even if it is cold and wet!
Here's another of the short prayers from a fun little book ... was reminded of it in IKEA today ... that store must be Belfast's biggest kiddy's playground!  I'm guessing that children outnumbered adults by 2:1 this morning!  Of course, a seven piece breakfast plus drink for 99 pence makes it the cheapest place to eat in the city!  Thankfully most of the kids stayed in the restaurant area while I wandered off to look at furniture.

Dear God,
If you are found
in the quiet places,
how come children
seem to find you so easily?  Amen. 

Small prayers for a big God.
Greg Mitchell. 


ROBERTA said...

Great shot of's not often that he actually looks straight into the camera.

Rev Elizabeth said...

Ah Roberta ... I just happened to have camera in hand when he came forward to play! No time to think ... I just snapped one quick picture before he knew what was happening!