Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday night zzzzzzzzzzzz

 A long day ... early start with dog walking ... then two services, choir lunch, Pentecost Praise and Picnic.
 A tad brain dead just now!  Listening to "Sounds Classical" on Radio Ulster but may head off to bed before it finishes ...
 By special request we had the "fishing" game ... but this afternoon's rain was so heavy that the pool had to be indoors!
 While members of the three churches enjoyed a "picnic" (indoors) Andrea and Paul entertained us with a huge selection of popular tunes.  The atmosphere in the hall was terrific.  Kids running everywhere playing football or enjoying the bouncy castle ... adults listening and watching and simply relaxing together.
Food shared and enjoyed .... this is good!
Now, night night!


lesleyc said...

And was the fishing hole a 'turtle'in disguise by any chance?

Rev Elizabeth said...

Indeed it was Lesley! A turtle in disguise!