Monday, 13 June 2011

Just a note!

 Was sitting at a red light this evening at Broadway and, as the camera was handy, added another picture of "Rise" to my collection.  It is still fun watching it grow ... and interesting to hear a few voices still complaining about the expenditure ... as if art was unimportant.  What a dismal and dreary country it would be if we didn't try to make our spaces interesting and attractive!
One caller to a radio show today couldn't understand why money might not be diverted from the arts and used in health care.  And as for any appreciation of this particular installation ... well ... I think he'd be around zero on the 1 - 10 score sheet!
My opinion, for what it's worth, is related to God's creation of the world ... a place that was made beautiful and intricate ... and since we humans reflect the divine image we too wish to create and enhance our surroundings.  The functionality of a piece of art is not relevant ... beauty is its own judge!
The creation of a tasty meal is another gift from God ... to take the various ingredients ... a clever mix of spices and herbs, beans, rice, vegetables and produce a delicious plate of nourishing food.
We dined Mexican style tonight with the friends that I'd picked up at Aldergrove.  Not only had Paul prepared this beautiful meal but he'd also vacuumed the house!  No dog hairs ... well ... maybe you don't get rid of all of them in one Dyson ... but there were certainly fewer hairs!
Anyhow ... a bit of typing to do before I pack for the three day Diocesan retreat ... wonder if it is cold in Wales ... or wet ... wonder if they do good coffee ... wonder if I can just sleep .... !

Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove,
with light and comfort from above;
be thou our guardian, thou our guide;
o'er every thought and step preside.

Church Hymnal number 295
Simon Browne (1680-1732)

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