Saturday, 11 June 2011

I'm too old ...

... to play football with wee ones!
 At least I had the sense not to go on the bouncy castle ... you'd be amazed at the energy that this lot and the others used up just bouncing around!
We had a dull and sometimes wet day ... but that didn't dampen spirits and those who dropped in enjoyed a good yarn, a cup of tea and watching the children play.  There were lots of games and prizes for everyone ... fishing for duck and fish was one of the most popular!  Even the older teens enjoyed that one.
 The advertising brought a few people across the road ... and hopefully for the end of July Fun Day there will be a lot more interest.  This was a trial run and we've a good idea of how something more ambitious might run and what are the pitfalls.
 There were chances to experiment ... and swinging three hoops around your waist is no mean feat!
 Others managed one hoop on the arm!  That's about all that I could do now ... though we grew up with the hoops "in the old days"!
Paul provided a vast selection of old favourites as people chatted and played ... it was lovely having music in the background while folk enjoyed a cuppa.
 Both of us were quite tired ... so we had a first carry out.  This is Green's Hoi Sin Duck Pizza (mine) and ...
... Paul had one made to order with no dairy products.  Both delicious and very satisfying.
Somehow I'd never imagined that we'd have pizza - as usually they have so much garlic butter and cheese ... but of course!  You just need to add a bit extra tomato sauce and vegetables and you've made a vegan version!  That's an easy enough meal for those who are collecting the recipes ... just get the right combination of herbs and spices and you've made a delicious meal.
Pentecost is almost upon us!  More excitement tomorrow as the Sunday Space year ends and the young people receive their gifts.  Then, a Pentecost Praise and Picnic in the Park when the three Lisburn Road churches gather for worship and fellowship.  In between ... the choir lunch!  A busy but exciting day!
This is Saint Barnabas' Day ... so here's the collect for today.

Bountiful God, giver of all gifts,
who poured your Spirit upon your servant Barnabas: 
Help us, by his example, to be generous in all our judgments,
and unselfish in our service; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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