Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday night

It all depends on your perspective!  One object can look totally different if you view it from an unusual angle.  Take the Penny Whistle, for example.  This photograph is today's 365Project picture.  However, the first shot I took was rather dull and uninteresting.
 It certainly wouldn't win any prizes in a photographic competition!
A tin whistle lying on a place mat ....
But once you begin to see other possibilities then it becomes a whole lot more interesting.
If it wasn't quite so late at night I could see a sermon begin to develop ... but you'll have to write that one yourself ... or "yourselves" ... if there happens to be more than one reader out there!  Of course, you could say that I was too close to the object and therefore only a small section is in focus ... so there is at times the need to step back and see the "bigger picture" .... there's another sermon for you ... develop it as you will!
For the preacher, almost everything that happens or that we observe becomes fuel for the fire!  Being able to create pictures with words is a skill that we need to develop so that the words spoken can be recalled.  At least that's the idea.  
Sometimes it doesn't work!
I recall well a sermon I'd heard as a young person .... a guest speaker for the annual Children's Day service spoke about his "Bikkie Box".  I haven't a clue as to what the content of the sermon (or the bikkie box) was ... but I can picture him with a large tin and talking on and on and on!  
... Which reminds me ... I'm speaking at the Leaver's Assembly in the local Primary School on Friday .... memo to self .... don't go on and on and on .... even if you have a memorable illustration!
I wonder when the Penny Whistle will turn up in a sermon?

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