Monday, 20 June 2011

The missing day!

Well ... Sunday wasn't exactly "missing" .... just a bit busy!
Visiting friends at the early Holy Communion ....

Liz is over for a long weekend from England ... it was lovely to meet her and to see Philip and Val again.
Then, Morning Prayer followed with Bishop Alan preaching.  The choir sang "Alleluia" as their anthem ... such a beautiful and moving piece!  We had the traditional Morning Prayer service and somehow were finished in good time so that Bishop Alan had an opportunity to meet people afterwards.

Lunch was a tasty dish of chilli with steamed vegetables and boiled potatoes ... forgot to take a picture!
The summer "Music in the Park" drew us (with Eliot) over to Ormeau Park to listen to Castlewellan Accordion Orchestra.  That was good!
 This is the original bandstand in Belfast's oldest park.
One of the very helpful and informative signs stands at the entrance to Ormeau Park ....

 The concert lasted for just an hour and then we wandered around the beautiful area ... this tree caught my attention .... will have to try to find out what it is.
 The flowers at the edges of the branches have an interesting pink tinge.
 Eliot appeared to be interested in everything.  I wish he could have been off the lead ... but so many dogs around ... just not possible.
 And, as you'd expect, there were areas where he couldn't even set foot ... not a big surprise really!  Who wants a dog digging up the bowling green!
So that's about it for Trinity Sunday ... had intended going to the Bach Cantata but fell asleep in the chair!
 Church furnishings now change to green for the season of Christian growth.

Now ... Monday is already begun ... there might even be a posting later today to make up for missing out on yesterday!

May we delight in your purpose 
and work to bring all things to their true end; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
Monday prayers


ROBERTA said...

What a lovely Sunday! A beautiful service and a beautiful park. I wonder if my parents ever took me there when i was a tot...May I ask, what is Bishop Alan's last name?

It's a good thing Eliot can't read - he'd be offended by such a sign....:)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Alan Abernethy .... thanks again for your comments! Always nice to know if someone has read the blog!
It was a good Sunday ... pleasant mix of services and activities. You were born in/from Belfast?