Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mint and Memories ...

 It's okay to play!  This little sprig of mint is being rooted in a small and very old tiny bottle.  The colour in the 365Project picture is due to a lot of extra contrast and playing around with the amount of light!
 I've kept a more natural colour in these next two shots but on a cold and dreary midsummer's day the bright yellow one appealed more!  Maybe a glimpse of the sun that we didn't see today.  Instead there were heavy downpours ... and I was caught out in one of them without an umbrella or rain coat!
 So why am I rooting a tiny bit of mint.
Well ... it was the generous garnish (small forest) that came on top of last night's Aero Mint Cheesecake.  This was the dessert at a rather tasty meal and I thought this would be a permanent reminder of a great evening.  Once you have mint in the garden you have it for ever!  And it is hard to beat a good mint sauce, freshly made!  I got beans today that are advertised for "salad" ... an interesting mixture ... and they would do very nicely in a mint dressing.  Not that the sprig is going to produce leaves just that quickly ... but one day .... this is faith or hope or something .... !
 The dessert, made by the chef, was preceded by some very tasty cod ... what you don't see is the mountain of garlic potatoes that were waiting in a side dish!
All the food was cooked to perfection and the batter here was think and crispy.  A lovely meal with thanks to my friend from Winchester!  She flew out this afternoon so by now should be safely, and maybe even warmly, tucked up for the night.
Warmth isn't too common here just now!  For those who care about these things it is only 187 days until Christmas when the days will begin to lengthen again.  From tomorrow we're into shorter days and longer nights!  How quickly the seasons pass ... yet in conversation with a parishioner today we were saying how recently it feels that an event happened ... even though two years have passed!
Time is a strange thing.  A fixed period of it seemingly short or long depending on what is being remembered or waited for ... and related to the age of the subject too.  School holidays stretched out almost endlessly ... but to adults they are gone in a flash!
Does time for Eliot (who has just appeared at my side) stand still when I'm out ... he's usually very contented and so much of his life is just lying about!  Given the opportunity he's ready for a run at any time of day or night ... but otherwise he's just one big furry cushion who takes up more than his fair share of the bed if there's half a chance!
Thinking of time ... it is time for bed!  Time to recharge both the phone's battery and my own.  Time to sleep, perchance to dream!
Night night.

Give us deeper reverence for the truth, 
and such wisdom in the use of knowledge 
that your kingdom may be advanced 
and your name glorified; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
Tuesday prayers. 

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