Wednesday, 22 June 2011

An unexpected treat.

 Ears flying wild ... Eliot is in his element!  Running and jumping in the tall grass he enjoys an unexpected outing.  There was a gap between showers and an hour when he could get a decent bit of exercise ... so off we went - both returning rather wet - but happy!
 The sea at the edge of the Twenty One Acre Wood was very calm and a tall ship slid gracefully along the further shore.
 It was too far away to get a good picture of it but at least against the dark of the hills you can make it out and distinguish it from the fast ferry that came along soon afterwards.
Everywhere was rich with  wild flowers and grasses .... the colours were beautiful.
 Even among the grass there was considerable variety both in type and shade.  The Twenty One Acre Wood is such a good place for both dog and human!
 Having the sea there is the added bonus ... even if it means a very wet and smelly dog returns home to share his aroma around!  It is one of those evenings when "don't come any closer Eliot" is the normal refrain!  I do still love him to bits ... but I'm not at all keen on his current state of personal hygiene!
 I've never taken a picture of hawthorn berries before ... so here they are!


lesleyc said...

I sought out the Twenty One Acre Wood one day recently - a really special place for dogs and humans!Such a variety of landscape in a relatively small area.

Wet dog, summer warmth and driving home are not the most fragrant combination...

ROBERTA said...

True love is allowing your pup to romp in the woods and water knowing that you will pay a smelly price for the rest of the evening!

Love Eliot's ears up in the air....and the flowers are lovely.

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes, fun place and I too like the ears! You get used to the smell!!!