Friday, 10 June 2011

It was bound to happen sooner or later ....

... my laptop was being repaired last night (all night) so there was no blog!  It has been given a thorough overhaul with anti-this and anti-that and all sorts of tiny coloured spots flashing backwards and forwards as they clustered in matching lines ... fascinating and helpful.  Now the whole system is running faster and smoother ... fantastic!  Thank you to Paul .... not only is he a great cook, a wonderful singer and pianist ... he's also a computer expert!
Tomorrow he'll be accompanying Andrea to entertain all who drop in at Saint Nicholas' for the Free Fun Afternoon.  Tea and Coffee for everyone ... and juice for those who prefer it .... plus face painting, fishing, bouncy castle and so on ... and so on ....
 The castle is all ready for the energetic ... and the sofa for those who aren't!
 The room looks inviting ... so let's hope lots and lots of folk arrive for it!  There'll be another event like this (only bigger) at the end of July when the holiday bible clubs finish ... so hopefully this will give us an idea of how it might work.
Meanwhile ... back to the desk to do some work ... will complete this later ...
... and this is later!
Tea/dinner/supper is over ....
Crispy baked potato (should have used butter on mine - the spready thing just doesn't have the flavour - any flavour) with mushroom and onion filling, roast parsnips ... also, but not in this picture, stir fry green veggies and a spicy garlic and tomato sauce!  Another winning combination of flavours, colours  and textures!
Eliot turned up his nose at the okra but forced himself to try the baked potato and seemed to like it!  I'll make a vegan out of him yet!
Tomorrow is the big fun day ... so early bed tonight!  Lots to do in the morning .... some banners to put up and balloons to inflate!  Otherwise the hall is ready and looking comfortable.

Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost,
taught by thee, we covet most
of thy gifts at Pentecost,
holy, heavenly love. 

Church Hymnal number 312
Christopher Wordsworth

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