Tuesday, 10 May 2011


A typical scene in Belfast ... window cleaners zig zag along Donegall Pass in the early afternoon traffic as workers on Rise create what will be Belfast's biggest art installation.
Already "Rise" is nicknamed "Balls on the Falls"!  The traffic lights stopped me at Broadway roundabout today so I managed to snap a couple of quick pictures out of the car window.  This is going to be impressive.  The artist's impression is inspiring.
It is still hard to imagine it at this stage even though the work is well under way.  Wolfgang Butress has created an almost forty metre high double sphere which will be lit to resemble the rising sun ... these two globes of silver and white steel - the Bog Meadows are represented by the spikes that will support the balls.... I can't wait to see (and photograph) the finished product.  
   You're certainly not going to be able to miss it as you drive into the city!
It is a symbol of hope ... of a new future for Belfast ... 
Today was Saint Comgall's Day - he was the Abbot of Bangor Abbey in the sixth century and an example of scholarship and spirituality.  A prayer written by Brian Mayne to close: 

Almighty God,
you raised your Son to be Lord of Light and Saviour of our race
and to your saints have given wondrous grace:
We praise you for holy and learned Comgall
whose scholarship made this land
a bright shining light in ages of darkness:
Pour out your Spirit to renew your church in Ireland
making it once again a land of saints and scholars,
and bringing glory to your name:
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Kelly said...

The BOTF are going to be a spectacular sight, I think! I forgot to mention, thinking about larger-than-life art, that I got a good shot of the Spire of Hope with sunshine glinting off it after we finished at The Good Book Shop for the KJV@4:00 reading.

ROBERTA said...

it reminds me of the child's toy that lays flat until you pinch both ends and pull, and ta-da! you have a ball!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thank you both for comments ... it does look rather like a huge toy! I'm along that road fairly regularly as it is the shortest route between Belfast's two main hospitals so will try to stop and take pictures from time to time.
The Spire of Hope on the cathedral is an "interesting" feature ... don't know many who actually "like" it!