Monday, 9 May 2011


A day with only one photograph!  It's almost unheard of ... but there it is.
For the first time in ages I really didn't feel like taking pictures of anything and the day was fairly busy so there weren't many opportunities either.  So here we are, late in the evening, with only a quick 365Project picture for the day!
The theme is "travel" this week ... but I couldn't think of anything to take that would be quick and interesting.  This porcelain car sits on a high shelf so, after it had a good wash to remove a few dead insects and a thick layer of dust, it sat as the perfect model.
The light is the natural early evening sun with some electric light reflections from the next room.  Apart from cropping (to cut out the toaster) it is straight out of the camera.
I wonder if the design is meant to be the BMW 328 Roadster ... it was one of the twenty five "Cars of the Century" ... until a few minutes ago I had no idea that "BMW" meant anything!  How daft!  Of course a set of letters stands for something .... in this case ... Bayerische Motoren Werke.  
The china car is not an exact match ... but it is close-ish.
Now, the hands of the clock are moving around very quickly and it is time to bring the dog back in from the garden ... at least he's not going to be wet tonight.  Apologies to his fan club ... no photo of Eliot today!  Later in the week I'll indulge you with a photograph or two again.

Heavenly Father,

When it seems that we are actually, finally at our wits' end... and we've seen the end of all that we can do, that is when you are at your nearest, your most miraculous, your best. Sometimes, the road we trudge seems destined to be dusty and desolate forever. And yet, just around the corner, just over the next hill, we see new life, we see hope. 

May you bring us what we need, that we may once again be dancing on this earth.


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