Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saturday night.

 All over the garden now there are the signs of spring ... grape hyacinth, flowering currant and lots of narcissus.  The days are sunny at present and the air reasonably warm for this time of year.  Mowers are being exercised and people are beginning to reappear after winter's hibernation.  
The downside is that the dust is now clearly visible, windows streaked and the car, which I thought I'd washed very well, shows patches of dirt that were clearly overlooked! I'll have to do it again as the Prussian Blue shows up every mark ... it is just as bad as a black one!
 The wil-loo (willow-igloo) is coming into leaf as the willow puts on fresh growth.  I'll need to get weaving it before the long twigs become too firm to bend.  This year it ought to provide some good shade and privacy at the bottom of the garden.  I can imagine being in there with a book on my day off ... just enjoying the quiet of the garden with the distant sounds of the railway or the Lisburn Road muffled by the branches.
Right now the daily change in shape and colour is fascinating and dozens of pictures are taken ... though I am ruthless when it comes to sorting them out and keep only two or three from each day's efforts.  I go through them by twos and recycle one from each pair until there are only a couple left at the end.
The clocks go forward tonight so all alarms will be set and the dog primed ... we need to be up early in the morning.  RTE are broadcasting the Methodist service from Saint Nicholas' and there'll be odds and ends to tie up before we go out live at 10.45 am.  The timed rehearsal tonight was 42 minutes and 50 seconds .... just ten seconds short of the 43 minutes that we need!  The organ will fill in those moments at the end of the service.  Hopefully most people will be in church and not oversleep as a result of the time change!

Merciful Lord,
Grant your people grace to withstand the temptations
of the world, the flesh and the devil
and with pure hearts and minds to follow you, the only God;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Collect of the Third Sunday in Lent
Book of Common Prayer.

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