Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday night.

 Lovely sunny Sunday ... RTE broadcast service ... British Summer Time ... dog walking ... photographs of church ... more photographs here :
 Bishops' Appeal lunch at Saint Bartholomew's ... evening service with University Chaplains at Windsor Presbyterian .... missed a phone call that I need to return in the morning ...
And finally a wonderful dinner supplied by my fantastic sister ... turkey broth and home made wheaten bread ... so good ... so very good ... (This doesn't count as a "carry out" does it?  They brought the food from Holywood) ... I thoroughly enjoyed not having even to think what I'd have to eat after the evening service!
Census form filled in ... ready to post .... but ... now very, very, very sleepy!  Night night.

Blessèd are you, Sovereign God,
our light and our salvation;
to you be glory and praise for ever!
You led your people to freedom
by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.
May we who walk in the light of your presence
acclaim your Christ, rising victorious,
as he banishes all darkness from our hearts and minds,
and praise you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Blessèd be God for ever! 

Celebrating Common Prayer
Sunday evening. 

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