Friday, 25 March 2011

Patience ...

... is a virtue; 
possess it if you can ... 
seldom found in woman ... 
never in a man!

I'm not sure about the truth of that ... let the debate begin.
The word "patience" comes from the Latin "patiens" which is related to the verb "to suffer".  It is from the same root as the word "passion", which we use for the suffering of Christ (The Passion of Christ) or we talk about "The Passion Narrative" when referring to the account of our Lord's suffering and death.  
So, it is perhaps no surprise that to acquire patience takes effort and even suffering!

Today's 365Project photograph was inspired both by the theme, which is "ink", and by my need to wait patiently ... which wasn't exactly accomplished to perfection!
I noticed a couple of days ago that the handbrake of the car wasn't as reliable as I'd like it to be and decided to book it in for adjustment.  All went well ... Eliot has his run, we left the car at the garage at 8.30 am and then walked back home.  Assuming it would take the morning I was able to get on with work ... no problem!
However, the afternoon wore on and there was no phone call to ask me to collect it ... so I waited ... and eventually phoned them ... and the car needed a road test before they'd release it!  So I waited ... three o'clock came and went ... the hands were moving ever so slowly ... and the evening getting closer when I really needed to have the vehicle back.  
That's when I reminded myself that being anxious really wasn't going to bring it any more quickly and I needed just to relax, take a picture and wait!
No sooner had the photograph been shot than the telephone rang to say that I could collect the car.  Huh!
Well, at least I got a picture for the day from the experience and had a reminder that worry really doesn't achieve anything at all.  Indeed, it does positive harm and interferes with anything else that might usefully fill the waiting time.  
The embarrassing thing is, of course, that I preached on this very subject just three or four weeks ago.  Time to listen to my own sermons, I think!

Almighty God,
may we, by the prayer and discipline of Lent,
enter into the mystery of Christ's sufferings;
that by following in the Way,
we may come to share in the glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Celebrating Common Prayer

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Loey said...

Soooooo true Elizabeth!
I have done that very thing many times.
My late mother always said worry never solved anything:)