Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Not exactly a success!

This was awful.
No, not just a bad photograph.
It was one of the worst meals that I've cooked (cremated) in a long time.  Even the tasty Branston couldn't make it better.  However, it was food and I ate it.  Actual nutritional value was quite low!
The trouble is ... it would have been very tasty if I'd watched them more carefully.  Originally they were tuna burger-things ... what you could call the tasteless end product, I'm not sure.
The day has been long and, if it wasn't Lent, was one of those evenings when a Chinese meal would have been an attractive alternative!
Getting up early to go to the wholesalers for paper was probably a good thing ... at least I was able to get there and return before the Lisburn Road traffic began to build up.  Once that starts you could end up sitting in a very slow moving queue ... far easier for me to rise extra early and get the trip over while most folk are still eating their cornflakes!
The big (and time consuming) job was to print off the Parish Magazine ... all was well until the pages started coming out with bright yellow stripes!  Fortunately the company with whom we deal was able to sort it out almost immediately and talk me through the process of fixing it over the phone.  Apart from slowing things down it wasn't a major crisis.  So, the magazine is ready to go out on Sunday.
Interesting encounter with someone who missed his train home to Portadown .... how do you know if someone has genuinely left his wallet at work with money and identification papers ... so has no way to get ticket home ... ?
I'm thinking that in "the old days" you'd have hitched a lift and generally would be taken safely to your destination.  I hitch-hiked the length and breadth of England and Wales back in the 1960s and 70s.  It was a good way to travel and you met some fascinating people.  But it's probably not the way to go now, especially at nine o'clock in the evening.  At that hour of the evening you'd hate to see someone stuck for a way to get home ...
If I were in that position ... would I ask for help?  That wouldn't be an easy thing to do.  And it is hard to know if someone is in really trouble or simply looking for a small bit of extra cash ...

Help us to share in Christ's ministry 
of love and service to one another; 
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord, 
who in the unity of the Holy Spirit 
is one with you for ever. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
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