Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Some days are like that!

 Getting back to finish off yesterday's blog never happened!  The day ended up being unusually busy and the evening's work continued well into "the wee small hours".  Writing a comment on the pictures didn't enter my head.  They were just a reminder that Saint Nicholas' is open at lunch time ... had a good conversation with someone who came in for a rest and with another who'd come to pray.  It really is a holy place where people can find the strength to go on.
The other photograph of the camera taking a picture of the photograph on the computer was for the 365Project where this week's theme is "framed".  Couldn't think of anything for it today so all we have here is a set of pictures from tonight's Lent gathering.  I meant to take an interesting spiral external stairway at the hospital today but completely forgot after the visiting was done ... another time!
Rev Alex Wimberley preached on "Healing in the Community" and he interviewed Alan McBride who works with victims in the north of the city.  Both were amazing.  You could have listened for hours - totally absorbed in what they were saying.
 When everyone else was complaining about the length of time it took to get down the Lisburn Road Alan was able to fly past them all in his hi-vis jacket on a bicycle!  No traffic jams for him!
 Tonight we enjoyed the hospitality of Saint Brigid's where Fr Eddie is the priest.  It is a beautiful modern building and I really do want to go back there in better light to take some photographs.  I particularly want to examine the Stations of the Cross - it looked from where I was that they are carved slate panels in a modern design.  So this will no doubt be recorded at some stage ... but maybe not this week as the Parish Magazine is almost ready to be collated.  I ran out of paper today so first thing in the morning I need to be at the wholesalers to replenish that and then get on with the production.  It's a bit dense this time with too many pages of just words ... but articles were few and far between from the parish and I didn't really have time to look for illustrations .... it will provide something for folk to read over the weekend!
The Lent talks always end with a cup of tea in a hall or at the back of the church and tonight was no exception.  Conversations really take off at these times but this evening I was too tired to get involved and left as early as was "decent"!  Then it was home to make something to eat - no carry out opportunities in Lent - and now that the blog is done - I'm off to bed!

Give us deeper reverence for the truth, 
and such wisdom in the use of knowledge 
that your kingdom may be advanced 
and your name glorified; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer
Tuesday Daily Prayer.

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