Thursday, 31 March 2011

Christmas Dinner ... and ...odd bits ....

What more fun could you find than to take pictures of a turtle through a magnifying glass ... "it doesn't take much to please the innocent" might be the appropriate phrase ... "how sad"!
Anyhow, I enjoyed playing with the turtles while pretending to dust!  One table was polished with beeswax ... and one chair ... that was enough housework for this week!  (Don't tell my sisters!)
Day off and housework probably should go together ... but camera and then book felt like a better combination!
On one of my wanders through to the kitchen for a coffee the poor coriander plant grabbed my attention.  What an unhappy specimen!
A good long drink of water and three hours later it had perked up considerably!
And if I were to take a picture now (which I'm not) you'd see that it now looks quite fresh again.
Tonight was Mothers' Union Christmas Dinner.  When it was first scheduled the weather was so bad that most of the older folk just couldn't get out so we postponed it.  The general opinion now is that it is better to hold it away from Christmas and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal tonight.
It was the traditional fare ... though some opted for beef rather than turkey.  Provided by Randals the meal was superb.  It was very hot, beautifully cooked and the company was good.  Over the weekend I'll add pictures to the web site but it is too late to begin to do that now.
For me, and maybe for others too, there is that wonderful link between the incarnation and the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord.  The whole story comes together at this time of year and we rejoice in what he means to us.
Earlier today I'd been thinking about the suffering of our Lord and my eye caught the "Crown of Thorns" plant ... what a striking visual reminder this is of just one aspect of the agony he suffered on my behalf.

In peace and unity 
may your people offer the unfailing sacrifice of praise, 
and make your glory known; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Dreaming Beneath the Spires said...

Now don't you look glamorous, Elizabeth!! Amazing what water did to that coriander. "Mine, oh thou Lord of life/Send my roots rain." Hopkins.

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks Anita!