Friday, 4 February 2011

Not more pictures ...

The only reason that Eliot is giving such fixed attention to the camera here is that I had a chocolate in my hand!  It was white chocolate so there was a reasonable chance that he might receive a morsel, a token taste, a tiny corner ... and, of course, he did.  
Roberta's comment yesterday prompted me to add another episode in the life of a spoilt rotten dog!  Actually, I don't think he's too spoilt ... those dogs tend to be demanding and a bit of a pest ... Eliot demonstrates great patience and isn't too often a nuisance.  At least, that's what I think ... though there may be a slight bias in my judgement.   
He's a gentle soul ... and when it is clear that I'm working he just lies at my feet or goes off to the armchair that is covered for him.  Not that he's above sneaking onto any other chair, sofa or bed if the opportunity arises!  He knows that this isn't permitted and will jump off the moment I appear in the room!  
The camera is the one thing he hates!  As soon as the lens opens he's up and away!  I don't use flash when taking pictures of him in the hope that he'll get accustomed to having his picture taken ... but it hasn't worked yet.  However, to get him focussed on something else will sometimes work. 
This toy looks a bit like an oversized hand grenade on a string ... and I tried a wee bit of honey tonight.  At first he wasn't sure.  I had to dab a little on his nose and then on a paw before he became accustomed to the flavour.  After that ... his concentration was total and with spotlights lowered I managed to take a few pictures!  The middle one is the 365Project submission - the licking tongue pleased me. 
Someone called to see me today and Eliot obviously sensed a dog-lover.  He didn't bark and simply went off to find a toy that they might share!  The visitor's opening greeting was, "so this is the dog that I hear about on the radio."  Many times he is the inspiration for "Thought for the Day."  
Sometimes it is his trusting nature that is highlighted; or perhaps the way that he's always forgiven .... there are always plenty of lessons to be drawn out from the relationship that a human being has with his/her dog. 
He also has his own page in the parish magazine and some of that will be transferred to the web site so that the wider audience can see how he speaks about me!  
Today was windy and cold and I was busy all day ... so there wasn't a chance to take the camera around for an outdoor shot.  Maybe tomorrow ... 
Eliot has heard that before!  He never demands a walk but never hesitates when I reach for his lead!  Maybe there'a another TFTD there as I reflect on his enthusiasm and willingness to go with me whenever I decide and wherever I go ... !

Be the peace of the Spirit mine this night.
Be the peace of the Son mine this night. 
Be the peace of the Father mine this night
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen. 

Celtic Daily Prayer from the Northumbria Community. 


Kelly Smith-Moore said...

What a gem Eliot is! Our adopted Border Collie, Matty, is about as laid back as any creature can be which is so different from our last dear boys, Patch and Data. They came from strong working lines and NEVER STOPPED! They went through a lot of Frisbees and balls in their happy 15+ years. Can you bring Eliot to the April 11th KJV@4? :)

ROBERTA said...

OH MY! That first photo looks like a professional "head shot" for a model:)

Can hardly wait to hear what Eliot has to say about you and parish life:)