Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cold and Windy!

 A day off is often an opportunity to go to the beach, whatever the weather!  Today - we had weather!
It was a windy walk through the 21 Acre Wood to the little beach below it.
 This particular area is full of interesting shells and granular sand .... great for dogs and humans.
 Apart from a few well-happed-up walkers we had the space to ourselves.  I think we spotted two couples and two other folk out with dogs.
 We'd come back up when this picture was taken and I suspect that Eliot would have been very happy if I'd suggested we go down the cliffs again .... once is enough for me!  It's quite a steep climb up.  This makes it appear much more calm and still than it really was.  Thankfully I'd remembered the scarf ... the hat had come along too but ... when we parked the car it was mild and sheltered so I assumed that it wouldn't be required ... how wrong can you be?!!
 Trying to get a decent picture of the catkins was nearly impossible.  Sometimes the entire tree was swaying ... and always some of the "tails" were dancing in the wind.  These were magical moments as I watched and tried to capture something of the movement and freshness of the scene.
They're a real "Nature Table" reminder from Primary School classrooms.  Every spring the fresh buds, flowers and growing catkins were displayed; just as in autumn we had the berries, rose hips and autumn fruits.  I can still picture the crumbly specimens that we examined day after day.  Interactive learning in its early stages!

The interesting thing that I noted when this picture was uploaded is the wee red bud bursting out.  I wish I'd seen it at the time and would have taken some shots with it as the focus ... fun to spot it afterwards!
We returned to the rectory refreshed and blown about with a hundred pictures and a very, very smelly wet dog!  
The rest of the day was relaxing; and then for a while this evening I worked on a very simple information page for the church.  Do check it out and leave me your comments and suggestions.  

You don't always know if someone has visited the site ... and it is encouraging for us to know ... 
Taking time out is essential - we work more efficiently from that point of rest.

Father in heaven,
your church on earth is a sign of heavenly peace,
an image of the new and eternal Jerusalem.
Grant to us in the days of our pilgrimage
that, fed with the living bread of heaven,
and united in the body of your Son,
we may become the temple of your presence,
the place of your glory on earth,
and a sign of your peace in the world;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer


Penelopepiscopal said...

Elizabeth, I like the St Nicholas info page you put up. I particularly like that one does not have to click anything to find the location and directions to the church. If you could find a way to also put something about worship times on the front page also, that would help.

I am a supply priest here and find that when I go to a church's site I have to click all over the place to find out what time church services are and where the church is. Tabs are good but a notice on the front page (even if it is click here for worship times) along with directions reduces frustration for those who would like to come over.


Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks Penny ... will do! That's a useful suggestion. Appreciate your comments very much.

ROBERTA said...

No matter how down I am, Elliot photos perk me right up:) I've grown quite fond of following his adventures though we are thousands of miles apart. I especially like the first photo in which he seems to be looking right at the camera!