Saturday, 5 February 2011

A mixture on a wet day.

 Books everywhere ... and this is a shelf of "old friends".  In particular the "Miss Read" series.
Many of those I have in the original Penguin orange livery but just recently I was given this stack of contemporary covers.  There are a couple of the omnibus editions on top of the pile.
Miss Read is the creation of Dora Saint who was a teacher and clearly understood that life very well.  The novels were started during the Second World War and she continued to write them until 1996 - there are about three dozen of them.  They record life in small villages in rural England - full of characters and comedy and places where very little ever happens and the pace of life is slow.
Meanwhile, having taken the 365Project picture (which was inspired by a fellow 365ers shot of the original Penguins) I went off to meet the people at the Antiques and Collectables Fair in the Parish Halls.
 Their advertising signs are clear, there are lots of them and so the hall was well filled with viewers.  The traders had a great variety of items.  Some with postcards, coins, badges and stamps.  Many others with a wide range of bric-a-brack.  Not all was antique in the proper sense of the word ... but a great deal of it was interesting to browse.
This little Wedgwood dish found its way into my bag!  At least now the Grecian Urn has something that matches it.  The detail in the white decoration is so fine.
Finally, having been to the "Co" for some essential shopping I spotted this new poster.  The appeal to buying local produce appeals to me.
If there's a choice between getting something that has travelled thousands of miles or locally grown/produced items - then I'll go for the local all the time.  It doesn't make sense to me to carry so much food around the world.  Who needs strawberries twelve months in the year?  The imported varieties rarely have the flavour of the more slowly ripened Irish ones ... so they're not on my menu until the fruiting season here.
The exception to that rule are bananas!  If I were consistent then they'd not be in my shopping basket ... but ... they are ... though I do search out Fairly Traded fruit!
Right ... enough rambling for one night!

May everything in this my being
be directed to thy glory
and may I never despair.
For I am under thy hand,
and in thee is all power and goodness.  

Dag Hammarskjöld  


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