Sunday, 6 February 2011

Night, night.

 If I were a tea drinker then the little teapot found at yesterday's Antiques and Collectables Fair would be just right for a bedtime brew.  As it is ... this delightful (and very modern) item sits on the dining room mantelpiece where it was the subject for today's 365Project submission.
The lady who was selling this gives her profits to Tear Fund.
This organisation is one that I'm more than happy to support.  Next Saturday there's a Chocolate Fiesta over at Saint Mark's, Dundela ... and the proceeds of that are for Tear Fund as well.  Nearer the time I'll add a few more details here.
The dining room bookcase was the photograph that I intended to take for the project today.  Of all the bookcases in the house it is the most random!
Music edition hymnals sit beside poetry, novels, theological tomes and biographies with some cookery books, Bibles and guides to birds, trees or flowers ... Some of the novels have been read many times ... others are hanging around just waiting for the right moment.  I've no idea when it became such a mixture.  The original intention was "well loved favourites" ... but we've strayed from that!
Time for bed .... I love the Welsh melody to this evening hymn: Ar hyd y nos.

God, who made the earth and heaven,
darkness and light;
who the day for toil has given,
for rest the night;
may your angel-guards defend us,
slumber sweet your mercy send us,
holy dreams and hopes attend us,
this livelong night.

Church Hymnal number 67
Reginald Heber (1783-1826)

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