Thursday, 23 September 2010

2010:365:266 A beautiful country.

"Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea" is never far from one's mind on a journey through Dundrum.  I had to do a quick run today to the Ulster Bullion Company and, between the showers, caught this attractive view.  It was handy that a dandelion was in just the right place for the picture!
Ulster Bullion are going to make a new pulpit and lectern falls and markers for use in Saint Nicholas' so I was checking out their designs and leaving measurements with them.   Nowadays there are no embroiderers in Northern Ireland and this was once a thriving industry in south Down.  The work will be done in the English part of the company.
I'd imagined that the design would now be programmed into a machine but this is not so.  All the embroidery is still hand done - what a beautiful skill!  These are artists at work and I'm guessing we'll not even see the person who does the work.  I wonder would they like to see the finished pieces in situ - I know that I would.

Take me, Lord, from busy-ness to the place of quietness.
From the tumult without cease into your great unending peace.
Help me then, my Lord, to see what I am and ought to be.

God of Life
God of peace
God of wonders that will never cease.
God eternal
God everlasting come to me.

Tides and Seasons
David Adam

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