Wednesday, 22 September 2010

2010:365:265 Well then ....

Sometimes there isn't much opportunity to get out the camera and take pictures!  However there's always the possibility of a quick five minute photo-shoot ... and that's what had to happen earlier today.  
Yesterday I'd noticed that some very pretty pink flowers had appeared in the garden.  What they're called I do not know.  But they are rather delicate!
STOP PRESS!  Information has just come to hand (11.30 pm) and I've been told that this plant is

Schizostylis coccinea 

'Kaffir Lily' 

(Pink Princess)

They look good with just a few stalks in a crystal vase.
Yes, I did look for the mark before using it!  Eventually it turned up right on the base and this time it is "Stuart" crystal.  Without the magnifying lens I'd never have spotted the tiny writing. 
Pink Princess is a beautiful name for this gorgeous flower. 
The 365Project picture that I submitted earlier today was this one with the Antrim Coast painting as the background.  The contrast of the stormy sea, solid rocks and the soft pink flowers pleased me.  
Life's like that at times.  A mixture of calm and storm ... if peace can be the foreground of our lives then, even if a violent wind is raging, our hearts will be still.  Finding a quiet point in every day is essential.  Without the stillness inside we become caught up with the storm of fear and panic all around and it begins to invade our souls.  
It can help if we are able to look at flowers, admire a dramatic sky, play with a child, light a candle .... there are any number of ways to refocus on God and on things that matter in the light of eternity.  Find a way that works for you and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. 

When foes confound, Lord, surround.
When I am afraid, Lord, your aid.
When at a loss, your saving cross.
When storms increase, Lord, your peace.
When dark's the night, Lord, be you my light.
And so may it be surrounding me into eternity.
And so may it be surrounding me into eternity.

Tides and Seasons
David Adam


Judith said...

what a delicate shade of pink and such a pretty flower - amazing what grows in the garden without you knowing!! :))) Judith

Richard Littledale said...

Really enjoyed this post - and loved the photo too.

Thank you for sharing it with those who drop in to the blog (like me).

like you say - flowers and storms, a bit like hope and anxiety - all find their place in the plan of God.