Friday, 24 September 2010

2010:365:267 "Cleanliness ....

.... is next to Godliness" ... or so the ancient proverb says!
The origin of this phrase pre-dates the seventeenth century and may be an old Hebrew saying.  Francis Bacon used a similar expression in 1605:  'Cleanness of body was ever deemed to proceed from a due reverence to God.' 
John Wesley (1791) quoted the phrase as we now have it.
So why was this in mind today?
The sun shone, the breeze blew and I wanted to wash some towels ... but was completely out of fabric softener.  Now, there are two schools of thought!  
* Some friends say that the conditioner reduces the absorbency of the towels.  
* Others, among whom I number myself, love the fresh softness and are willing to sacrifice a few molecules of water to enjoy the cosy feeling.
This "smell" was on offer and considerably cheaper than the "normal" one!  I like the name "Sunshine" and the perfume is pleasant enough.
While getting the fabric softener I added to my stock of washing liquid as well!  So I (or at least my clothes) should be clean for a few weeks!
I'm sure there is a sermon in there somewhere but I'm right out of ideas - so that's all for now.  .... Well ... apart from feeling very chuffed that BOTH photographs from yesterday's blog turned up on BBC this evening in the weather forecast!  

Be the strength of God between me and each weakness.
Be the light of God between me and each darkness.
Be the joy of God between me and each sadness.
Be the calm of God between me and each madness.
Be the life of God between me and each death.
Be the Spirit of God between me and each breath.
Be the love of God between me and each sigh.
Be the presence of God with me when I die.

Tides and Seasons
David Adam

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