Thursday, 16 September 2010

2010:365:259 Nearly out of time!

I had a lovely evening over at Saint Mark's in Armagh but nearly forgot to post anything on the blog!  That would never do .... 258 days without missing one .... so just a quick note before midnight to keep my series going.
It was my first time in that beautiful church and the members of the Rural Deanery Mothers' Union were very friendly and welcoming.  Among others I met the mother of two children whom I had taught many years ago in Kilkeel and the daughter of a parishioner from Magherally!  Small world!
It was interesting to be reminded that Canon John McKegney and I had only ever met on the internet!  He was taking a bit of a chance having me as the preacher at the Mothers' Union Eucharist!  When we met it was as if we'd known each other for a long time.  The Curate is Johnny McLoughlin and I knew him as he started his studies for the ordained ministry - good to catch up with him this evening.
Meanwhile the 365Project photograph was of my lunch - an M&S Steak and Kidney Pie!  Yum.
A quick prayer before bedtime:

You, Lord, are the light of the world; come and make our darkness bright.
Lord, have mercy.
O God, give the solitary a home and bring forth prisoners into freedom.
Christ, have mercy. 
Restore us again, O God of hosts; show the light of your countenance and we shall be saved.
Lord, have mercy.

Celebrating Common Prayer
Thursday night. 


Judith said...

The photo of you is fabulous Elizabeth and encouraged to read that you had such a good evening. For some unknown reason my 365 was doing strange things last evening and I couldn't get my photo uploaded. Will try again later. My mother/father are on their way home from their short holiday in Devon so expect a deluge of comments on her return home!! :)

Loey said...

Canon John McKegney must have trusted his instincts to ask you to preach - good choice, lovely photos of you all AND you delicious lunch!