Tuesday, 29 June 2010

2010:365:180 Testing ...

A balmy summer's evening approaching 19.40 hours ...  I don't usually employ that form of noting the time but that's what the vehicle test appointment said.  Go to Lane 4 and keep your engine running.
I was twenty minutes early but crept towards the moment of truth (MOT) anyhow; crawling to a gentle stop behind the red car in front of me. 
"The Archers" had finished so I switched off the radio, unlocked the doors and sat sweating as I waited for my turn.  Actually, Dad always said that ladies didn't sweat - they perspire!  Whatever it is ... after an excruciatingly long five minutes I was beckoned forward for emissions check, foot brake, indicators, lights, fog light.  Each in turn ticked off on the record sheet.
Then I was free to exit the vehicle and join the other anxious parents ... I mean ... drivers ... who were sitting on the wee brick wall.  It was too pleasant an evening to bother going into the dark and stuffy waiting room.  
Camera in hand I took the opportunity to take a few more pictures.  Have you ever seen a PINK pathway?
The orange bollards don't quite fit with it ... but it makes for a slightly unusual angle as you look towards the MOT centre. 
Eventually, after fifteen minutes, the little blue Punto was driven out of the far end of this great shed and came flying round the corner to catch up with me.
     "Okay" said the mechanic.
     "Is that 'okay' or 'okay, okay'" I respond?
     "Okay, okay" is the smiling response!
Happy driver gets in and almost disappears into the back seats!  Of course, Mr Long-Legs has had to move the seat back to its furtherest extent and I can barely see the steering wheel, let alone touch it!
Normal driving position is quickly resumed and I move sedately out of the Driver and Vehicle Testing Centre ... legal for another year!
Now - straight home?
No chance!
Tonight calls for celebration!  
Fish supper with champagne that's been chilling in the fridge since the end of April!  Just the right thing for such a night as this.
Both the champagne and the glass were birthday presents ... if you've never tried it, champagne goes perfectly with fish and chips (and mushy peas)!
So ends a very long day ... and the list of "things not yet done" grows ever longer.  Ah well, tomorrow is another day and I can look forward to two different celebrations of Holy Communion and the blessing of a new house!  Life is certainly varied and fun.  

Lord Almighty,
come and scatter the darkness of our hearts
by the light of your presence;
that we may know you
the Light of the world
and the one true God,
blessed this night and for evermore.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
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