Monday, 14 June 2010

2010:365:165 Waiting

Poor one-armed Lay-Zee sits waiting for something to happen.  All day just wondering if his arm could be fixed.  The good news is that once again it is attached to his body.  The bad news - it doesn't work!  The upper part has some movement but the lower arm has no grip at all.  Maybe Lay-About will have a few more outings now that his companion needs to rest.
Spending part of the day in committee gave me the usual time to work on the train.  That's a useful while when there are no distractions... or almost none!  
Breakfast was the first one... and this close-up of the vegetarian option shows that I rather overdid the amount of pepper.  Not that you'd have tasted it.  I'm guessing it was freshly ground, packed and stored some years ago!  Pepper does lose its flavour once ground so, although it looks like a lot, it actually didn't have any peppery effect whatsoever!
The only other distraction today was looking out for my friend's church at Drumbanagher.  I love waiting for it to appear as the train slows for the viaduct.  The train windows today were rather dirty so getting a photograph wasn't all that easy.
The contrast was adjusted in this picture to remove some of the reflections from the carriage.  
Not much to report today... planning the next couple of sermons, reading a while and maybe even dozing a wee bit too.  An early night is on the cards as Eliot and I were out walking just after six this morning!

May the mind of Christ my Saviour
live in me from day to day,
by his love and power controlling
all I do and say.

May I run the race before me
strong and brave to face the foe,
looking only unto Jesus
as I onward go.

Church Hymnal number 636
by Katie B Wilkinson


Anonymous said...

a fun packed day for you then!!? but I do love a train journey especially when the views are beautiful- as yours were today.

Loey said...

Your day sounded lovely.
Not too much action, but ambled along at a good pace.
Nice pictures. :D