Tuesday, 15 June 2010

2010:365:166 How to avoid football.

The best thing about the World Cup is the vuvuzela!  Many describe it as the sound of bees buzzing and other such non-flattering descriptions... but.... compared to the endless pre-match chats, matches, post-match discussions the vuvuzela is a melodious sound.  
It's not that I've anything against football.... enough of my own life was spent hitting a wee ball up and down the hockey pitch for me to understand the fascination that a game has.... but wall-to-wall football... no!  It is not for me.
Teams that I don't know, players in whom I have little interest and the complete take over of television.    My interest in rugby developed when I knew one of the team members... maybe I need that personal touch to help me engage with the game.
So it was back to Lay-Zee and Lay-About.  The trouble is - the entire photo-shoot was over in under ten minutes!
Lay-Zee's arm is reattached but a significant part is broken so it won't be the same again.  He's sporting a sling just now!
A 365er from Massachusetts has a "Viking" and he wanted to "meet" the Lays.  The map of the eastern seaboard of the US gives is an attempt to locate "Pall" in a geographical region.  One of the fun things about 365Project is the connections that photographers are making around the world.
 Other ways to avoid the football include the garden.... love the little white patch of roses and foxgloves....
The grass is a bit thin at the moment since I tried to kill the weeds.  Hopefully it will recover in a while. 
Going back into the house the doorbell presented another photographic opportunity.  "Press" is nearly worn off now after eighty years of fingers touching it.  A lovely feature.
And then, just in case you'd wondered where he is..... Eliot is waiting to greet me. 
He's not a great football fan either.  Whenever it is on he goes to the next room.... but maybe you can't read too much into that.... he usually goes to the next room!
Tonight's blog is more a ramble really... a little insight into an unstructured evening while I'm just waiting for the news and then bedtime.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
praise him, all creatures here below;
praise him above, ye heavenly host;
praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Church Hymnal number 51
"Awake my soul, and with the sun..." by Thomas Ken.


Anonymous said...

I'm quite fortunate in that Karl watches the matches around varies friends houses and Nigel has been watching it down the hall with the youth fellowship, which has left me on my todd to watch what I like!! bliss

Rev Elizabeth said...

Maybe it is better if watched in company? Anyhow.... I am on CSI just now! Much more my kind of thing. Like a good murder mystery.

Curate Karen said...

A joy to read these posts, Rev E!

Crystal Mary said...

Yes, Praise God from whom all blessing do flow.
Wouldn't it be nice if as many people who go to football games considered it as great to attend church. Very sad.
Jesus gave His all for them and all they care for is a silly ball.
Bless you.
And, Hello To sweet Elliot.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe I should just pop around to you I love CSI and particulary enjoyed the 'female dectivtives' weekend last weekend - last night I watched Miss Marple..

Loey said...
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Loey said...

Great blog tonight Elizabeth! Enjoyed your "ramble".
I have too tried to watch the soccer, but can't for the life of me stand that awful racket that is all encompassing the hearing.
Those horns should be banned!!

If only your doorbell could talk hey! Good pic.
Very nice photos of lay-Zee and Lay-About, do hope his health insurance pays for his arm op heh!heh!
I just love the expectant look on Eliot's face, waiting for you to open that door.
I love that doxology too! Is that what is is called? Have sung it many, many times. I remember as a child in church when that was sung, the service was nearing an end, which when you're young is a relief. :D