Wednesday, 19 May 2010

2010:365:139 Eco

Sometimes you're too close to an object or a situation to see what is going on.  Study this picture carefully and a face becomes obvious... but how big and to what is it attached? 
It wouldn't be much help to know that it stands outside the library at the Queen's University in Belfast; or that it was moved there from its original location in front of the main building.  The artist, Marc Didou, is French and this piece, Eco, was part of his first solo exhibition in Ireland.  
However, it is a piece of sculpture with which the viewer needs to interact.  The bronze is intended to be touched and viewed from many angles.
The "top" head stares forward open-mouthed.  The artist has taken data that an MRI scanner produces and  layers are built up.  
Viewed from behind it creates a dramatic feature in an area where creative seating allows for outdoor gathering - if the weather permits!
The front view shows that it is in fact two heads!  The lower one is a slightly distorted reflection of the upper one.  Eco is 230 x 185 x 110 cms.  Not gigantic... but certainly big enough to be impressive. 
There are a few more angles on the sculpture at
There's a great deal more technical information on the use of MRI with art at this site:
So, it is good to be up close to see and touch the detail... but it is also essential to step back and try to discover the whole picture as well!

Poet, painter, music-maker,
all your treasures bring;
craftsman, actor, graceful dancer,
make your offering;
join your hands in celebration:
let creation
shout and sing!

Church Hymnal number 453
"Come to us, creative Spirit" by David Mowbray

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Loey said...

I really like today's blog - interesting to read about this sculpture & the different angles of your photos