Tuesday, 18 May 2010

2010:365:138 Look at the time!

The second Maasai figure had to have a photograph too.... they make an attractive pair.  This one is just over four inches high in spite of the optical illusion!
The studio was again the back garden with the statue perched on a tray on top of the wheelie bin!  It is quite astonishing what happens when you change the eye level and get close to the figure.
You can make it appear to be a gigantic monument on a tall plinth.
Who says the camera never lies.... well.... it certainly finds strange angles at times.

Glory, honour, endless praises
here we offer, King of kings.
You are source of all our being,
Lord of all created things.

Church Hymnal number 694
by Edwin Le Grice
Canticle "Glory and Honour and Power"

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berlois said...

So beautiful and such detail & feeling in the faces!