Thursday, 20 May 2010

2010:365:140 Come, play with me!

Of course he knows what day of the week it is!  Thursday arrives and Eliot suddenly behaves in a different way.... does he sense a difference in me?  Or does he have some instinct that every seventh day is for fun?  Whatever it is... he was determined that this was playtime.  Rather unfortunately he doesn't seem to be able to distinguish the iris bed from the grass!  It is a great hiding place from which to spring on the unwary passer by!
His particular friend today is Angel and she is always ready for a good round of shadow boxing.  
The one place where there are plants of some interest is the only place where they wrestle each other to the ground!  I guess that there'll be fewer iris flowers this year!
The energy of these two is endless. 
A dander to the coffee shop started the day off very well.  As usual they were the centre of attention and a lot of folk stopped for a chat.  The very helpful girl brought a big container of water for them.  
As soon as my coffee cup was set down they were ready for the return journey.  Eliot always walks better when there's another dog...just as well really as he normally pulls my arm out!
Part of the walk is through a very pleasant park - although dogs aren't allowed off the lead.  You can just imagine what is going through their heads as they gaze over the acres of green.  
I'll take them somewhere this evening when they can have a good run off the lead...the back garden really isn't sufficient for Angel who likes to pretend that she's on a race track.  
Now it is time for Eliot to write his piece for the Parish Magazine...he's claimed the back page and it seems to be a popular column!  

I will sing to the Lord as long as I live;
I will make music to my God while I have my being.

Psalm 104 verse 35


Loey said...

Isn't Eliot a delight Elizabeth :D
I just love him.
He has such an animated face - you can tell what he's trying to say to you.
What a time angel and him had in your iris bed - not a care in the world, just having fun.
I guess that's what life's about sometimes - just having fun!
The dogs are really bouncing off each other aren't they! :D
Good to hear that Eliot is a star in his own right (write) heh!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes, Eliot has personality!! He knows how to have fun and I guess has taught me something about it too. Folk in the parish just love to read what the educated dog "writes"!