Friday, 30 April 2010

2010:365:120 Where could you begin...?

So many things to write about and yet it wouldn't give you any idea of how wonderful this first day in Kas has been.  Maybe the purple toe nails suggest something of the colour and fun that we've had in under twenty four hours.
It was late last night (early this morning) when we arrived at Ken and Eva's apartment.  The glow of the hall light welcomed me to their home.
Such vibrant colours that shone out a greeting.  It was echoed by the tea light holders in my bedroom.
Colours repeated today in many, many flowers.
as well as in the spices at the Friday market.  What a place!  Colour, sound, smell.... the heady combination was such a good experience.
Lunch there as we watched it cook was another perfect moment in what can be described as a perfect day!
I saw a Tee Shirt that I'm now wishing I'd bought....
Wouldn't it be fun to wear that?
So too this one.... shown off to good effect by a great guy....
It reads "Istanbul" in partial letters!  But the chat with him was great fun.
No time or energy to describe the wonderful evening.... meeting so many lovely folk... finding everyone so friendly.... one lady in the street as we passed her house gave me a fresh lemon of her tree and treated us to apricots from another tree.... another lady offered tea... how friendly is that?
If there's time tomorrow I'll add more.... some more photographs are available here:
and I'll add more and more over the next week.
For now, this very tired and contented blogger is giving in to the demands of sleep!

Before the ending of the day,
creator of the world, we pray
that thou with wonted love wouldst keep
thy watch around us while we sleep.

O let no evil dreams be near,
or phantoms of the night appear;
our ghostly enemy restrain,
lest aught of sin our bodies stain.

Almighty Father, hear our cry
through Jesus Christ our Lord most high,
who with the Holy Ghost and thee
doth live and reign eternally.  amen. 

Book of Common Prayer


Loey said...

Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Elizabeth! You lucky duck!
What a kaleidoscope of colours greeted you in Kas - how wonderful.
Your first day was sure filled with new experiences and a lot of fun by the look of things.
Keep it up!
Look forward to seeing more of it!!!

Loey said...

I think you should go back and but the T-shirt :D
Love it!!