Thursday, 29 April 2010

2010:365:119 Last-minute-dot-Liz

There it is!  So now, if the bag were packed I'm ready to go!  Actually it almost is....but how many pairs of shoes do you need for a week?  I'm guessing that the new "sturdy" sandals will be the most frequent footwear.  They look like hiking boots without the uppers....wish I had taken a picture but no time now so to do.
The colour is "walrus" so that gives you an idea of the rather non-flattering shade of brown.  The soles resemble digger tyres.  But they're comfortable!!  And that's the number one concern.
The bank, without any notice, came up with a handful of Lira.  It was the teller's mother who couldn't get to Turkey because of the volcano and she brought them back to the bank especially today so that I could have them.  Wasn't that kind?  Feel so sorry for her that she didn't get a chance to use them... but pleased that the person who didn't know you had to order currency received them!
Like yesterday, today began with a 6.30 am session in the Parish Office to photocopy the notice sheet for Sunday.  That works on two levels because it meant that Eliot had a good run before going into kennels.
He seemed a bit less "bouncy" today... maybe he does pick up a sense that he'll not see me for a few days.  I know that in kennels he will be looked after so well - actually probably get more attention than he does most days here at the Rectory.  But I'll miss his sweet breath and big brown eyes.  
The morning walk gave a chance too for a last photograph of the cherry blossom.  It will most likely be gone next week.  The delicate pink and intricate design is so beautiful.  Catching it in the morning light is a bonus.
So that's it folks!  God willing the next time I blog it will be from Kas in Turkey when you'll see a slice of a warmer place and different buildings, markets and maybe even dogs!

Now let all living things rejoice,
let young and old lift heart and voice:
Christ is risen!  Alleluia!
He rose to cheer us on our ways,
he lives to bless us all our days:
Alleluia!  Christ is risen!
Alleluia!  Christ is risen!  Alleluia!

Church Hymnal number 287
verse 3 of "The whole bright world rejoices now..." 
translated from the German by Percy Dearmer.


Loey said...

Elizabeth, have a great trip.
I know you will.
Dogs know when their owners are going away - ours always did, then wouldn't talk to us for a day or so after we got her home from the kennels :)
I just love Eliot's face!!
Your cherry blossom is a picture!
Safe travelling now.
God bless.
'nite from Australia.

Ali said...

have a great break :-)