Sunday, 17 January 2010

2010:365:17 Pizza again

The young folk in church had great fun designing a pizza (with some salad from the youngest child who couldn't reach the main section).  The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity gave the idea of different parts all working together to make a greater whole while still maintaining distinctiveness.
We did the same with a familiar hymn tune.  First we heard it on just one note - a "thin" sound.  Then the organist added just one other note in harmony and the sound was better but still leaving a lot to be desired.  But when we added all the notes and the human voices, then we had a glorious sound.  All different yet all working together to praise God.
That's what we're aiming for this evening.  Many different churches, many different "flavours" of church but together we'll make a joyful noise as we worship together.
I'd loved to have watched more carefully as the little ones did the drawing during my talk.  Looking at it now I'm impressed with the crust - not just a simple circle as I would probably have done; and the mushrooms and pepperoni, the peppers, the (blue) sweetcorn and the olives.  It really is a work of art and deserves its place in the 2010:365 photograph gallery.  If anyone from Windsor happens to look at this blog- let me know you've visited and what you think of the pizza!

Almighty God,
whose Holy Spirit equips your Church with a rich variety of gifts:
Grant us so to use them that, living the Gospel of Christ
and eager to do your will,
we may share with the whole creation in the joys of eternal life;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Collect of the Twentieth Sunday after Trinity.  BCP


Kelly Fisher said...

Awesome! One of the greatest memories I have is from a worship service I attended while on a missoin trip to Guatemala. There are no words to describe how beautiful worship was in 2 different languages. It seemed to blend beautifully...and I could not help but think this is what heaven must be like! :D

Judith said...

wonderful - now sorry if you already know this one on Liquorice Allsorts, which I have used to demonstrate unity or prayer:-

Story has it that in 1899, Charlie Thompson, a 'Bassett Traveller', (Mr Bassett being the founder of a liquorice company in the UK) was selling his products to a wholesaler in Leciester. During the course of his presentation he accidentally knocked over his individual sample boxes onto the counter, spilling the sweets. The wholesaler, Mr. Walker, had not been much impressed with the individual selections but like the look of the 'mix' - Liquorice Allsorts had been born!!

Ali said...

Curse Charlie Thompson. I love liquorice allsorts but what I'd give for a bag of Bertie Bassetts!

Love the art :-)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Liquorice is one of my favourites too...I'd not heard that story...will file it away!
The worship tonight at the united service was a wee glimpse of heaven indeed. Ten or more churches represented and enjoying fellowship together. My memories of worship from Kenya are very like your memory Kelly - two languages yet unity of purpose.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog! And the dog isn't bad, either. :)


Rev Elizabeth said...

Ken Needham said
I used to work for Bassets in my summer holidays when I was 13 and 14. Does the story mean that Christian unity is always accidental and never by design ?