Saturday, 16 January 2010

2010:365:16 Food....glorious food....

Vegetarian Delux....  an easy tea this evening.  Maybe that should read "lazy tea".  In a day when there's been a lot of running around and preparation for tomorrow it seemed to be a sensible way to begin the evening - pizza (delivered to the door) and Morse.  The only trouble is - I've seen most of the Morse's before and some of them many times - but the pizza was tasty.
Anyhow, the Sunday Notice Sheet is "pending" and should "pend" no longer.  I produce one every week and a number of people receive it by e-mail - it usually goes out quite late on a Saturday night.
Tomorrow marks the eve of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and I'm off to the Presbyterian Church for their morning service.  The Presbyterian minister will be in the Methodist Church and the Methodist man will be in Saint Nicholas'. 
All the churches in the area will be represented at the United Evening Service which we're hosting in Saint Nicholas'.  It is hard to guess how many will be there - I'm preparing for 300+ and, if we have double that, then folk can share the leaflets!  Our own bishop will be there - Bishop Alan Abernethy - and the Cardinal Archbishop Sean Brady - he's the guest preacher.  The Lord Mayor is planning to attend as well.  Thankfully the organ is once again working so all is ready as far as I can see. 
Perhaps I could use the pizza to illustrate unity!  All the bits are still distinctive in taste if you pick them out one by one, but put them together and the combined flavour is something else!  (This might be an idea to use in the talk for children at Windsor.)

Eternal God and Father,
whose Son at supper prayed that his disciples might be one,
as he is one with you:
Draw us closer to him,
that in common love and obedience to you
we may be united to one another
in the fellowship of the one Spirit,
that the world may believe that he is Lord,
to your eternal glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Book of Common Prayer.

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