Saturday, 4 April 2009

Wet Saturday

My second year in Saint Nicholas' begins with a wet Saturday. So much for the little bits I wanted to plant in the garden! Next week...not likely to be time to do that kind of thing. Had a mad idea that we'd do breakfast after the "Dawn" service on Easter Sunday. That should be fun - hope someone comes along.
Next week - two or three home communions every day and services each evening. I love this time of year and the message of resurrection. Good Friday we'll have three hours at the cross from noon until 3.00 pm. Every year when I was teaching we had a London trip and always brought the young people to Saint George's, Windsor, for one of the twenty minute slots. Even in the middle of a holiday it is good to pause for moments of quiet reflection.
The Tenebrae on Good Friday evening is one of the highlights. Candles are already in the car - travelling up and down the Lisburn Road with me! Sooner or later I'll remember to bring them into the church.
Meanwhile, the Palm Crosses for tomorrow have already made the move from car to vestry...looking forward to that service and the traditional hymns of Palm Sunday. The choir have a beautiful anthem as well....and it is Holy Communion...
It won't be long until we move out of the building for repair work to commence. We move on 19th and then for twenty weeks we'll be "displaced people" in the halls...
Pilgrimage may well be the theme explored over some of the early weeks as we consider how best we can be church in twenty first century Belfast.
Rambling here this morning....maybe getting my thoughts in order so that the day can start....

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