Monday, 6 April 2009

Monday in Holy Week

Lunchtime. It will be a short blog!
I've just eaten the last of yesterday's dinner...okay, but probably should have waited until it warmed a bit more? Dog happy enough with the leftovers - not that I want to leave leftovers - just couldn't resist his big brown eyes watching every forkfull!
Was up early to put out the bin...refuse collection is usually 7.00 am here...but today the black bins are still standing to attention at our gates while the brown ones are steadily creeping away to the back gardens since they were emptied mid-morning.
A "sudden rush of blood to the head" then motivated me to do laundry (of course it is now raining!) and clean the kitchen before heading out to the first of today's home Holy Communions.
That's always a great delight and privilege. And I'm booked for another two this afternoon, so need to keep an eye on the clock.
Eliot is around somewhere. This week the poor wee soul is totally neglected! He copes! And maybe next week there'll be a little more time to walk and play and maybe even spend a while with his dog friends! Every so often, if I'm around, a little toy is dropped at my feet or beside the demands...just the pulling of heart strings as you know he wants a game. Dream on my dog!
If you're around this evening there's a service in Saint Nicholas' at 8.00 pm - as there will be every day this week! Tonight is traditional Evening Prayer.

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