Thursday, 2 April 2009

A normal day

What is a "normal day"?
This one probably isn't!
Thursday is my day off...though exactly what that means is open for discussion! Checking e-mail first thing in the morning is probably dipping my feet into "work"... but you can't check just the notes that come from friends.
It isn't normal either since we've sunshine first thing in the morning. Do we forget that there are other good days when there's been a run of bad weather - or were the endless fine days a childhood memory that never really happened?
This Thursday, today, is Easter Vestry. That gives us a chance to look back over last year and to see where we are - what's been happening and what we hope to achieve in the next year. How many members of the church will attend? I'd love everyone who is able-bodied to be might that be achieved?
With this meeting tonight I expect that much of the day will be spent thinking about it and what I'll say as a review of my first year in Saint Nicholas'. And there'll be a chance to look at how we might grow as a community and reach out into the parish. While it is comfortable to continue as we are - that's not what church is for. today a normal day? If normality means that the unexpected will happen, that all the plans you have might have to be set aside, that there will be a mixture of fun and tears, laughter and pain, then, yes, today probably is normal after all.

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