Wednesday, 1 April 2009

1st April

Thinking up an April Fool is a specialist occupation.
Ideas float around...but they'll still be floating at noon! The school days of "untied shoe laces" and "a tear in your jumper" are long since past. The innocent fun of children gently teasing one another - and often falling for it.
More significant and amusing fools include the 1957 "Spaghetti crop" run by the BBC. Andrea Rea on "Thought for the Day" reminded us of that one this morning. And one I'd not heard, from the US, was the development of a "left handed burger".
But can I think of anything to do this morning that would be fun, harmless and not too obvious? No!
Perhaps the "April Fools" are best left to those who can do a good job...and the rest of us...just accept that someone, somewhere, today...will make a fool out of us. It is fun and creates a smile, or a laugh, and that can't be bad!

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