Tuesday, 10 February 2009


The car park had a glacial surface this morning as Eliot and I took an early morning walk. For those moments time seemed to stand still in the pre-rush hour hush of a dark, and almost silent, Lisburn Road.
Back home to breakfast, tidy up the kitchen, sort some of yesterday's post, collect e-mail, fill the fountain pens and do a few other insignificant odds and ends and suddenly time had accelerated to breakneck speed. An hour passed in what feels like a blink.
Now the day stretches ahead - from one angle it looks like hours and hours that can be filled or frittered.... from another angle it will mean only a few activities before evening closes in. Perhaps the important thing is to do the important things and if others fit in - then that's a bonus.
Do we human beings try to do too much? Perhaps we need to step back from time to time and assess what are the main things; then life will take on a proper perspective and we'll live out of a place of calm and peace.
As well as the necessary activities of the day we need time to lean on the garden gate and watch the flowers, time to chat over the hedge with the neighbours, time to enjoy being the children of God, time to play..... We have all the time we need - let's use it carefully!

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