Thursday, 22 January 2009


Love it or hate it...have you ever met anyone who is neutral on coffee? Opinions may vary as to the best varieties, the most desirable strength, the length of time it takes to brew...but those who hate it, won't touch it and those who love it begin the day with a pot made to their particular taste. Most people can speak at some length on this one little subject.
Why is it that we don't become so eloquent on other topics....?
Is it because we don't really care? Or perhaps we don't know what to say? Or maybe we feel that our voice won't make much difference?
A long time ago now, when I was a pupil at school, our class wrote letters about injustices to everyone who seemed to have power...but I don't do that any longer...
Yet the voice of each individual does count. If you collect pennies it isn't long before you have pounds...maybe we need to begin again to take action and speak out. If everyone plays his/her part then together we can make a difference!

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Ian Poulton said...

If we do not speak, other people will, and words and actions from the 1930s will be on our streets again:-(