Tuesday, 30 September 2008

End of September

Where has this month gone? Once the autumn programme begins time suddenly accelerates.

Harvest celebrations are upon us. Doing harvest in the city may be rather different from the rural parishes where people are more connected to the soil. "Farming" and the "Lisburn Road" are no longer said in the same breath. In the late nineteenth century the whole area from Cranmore Park as far as Balmoral Avenue was agricultural land. And when Saint Nicholas' was built there were no houses at all in Rathgar Street or Rathdrum Street. (Information from Roy Scott's Centenary Souvenir booklet).

The church was consecrated in 1901 - 9th February. What an occasion that must have been! A new, magnificent place of worship which, less than ten years later, was extended to its present form.

Now the parish continues its witness in the city that has grown around it. And the major celebrations in the Christian year are an opportunity for folk to find a place of peace and joy with us. Harvest is the next "big event" when maybe, even for a day or two, we'll remember all who are part of the food chain... and when we are more consciously thankful to God for "All good gifts around us...".

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David Chillingworth said...

Hi Elizabeth
Glad to find your blog. I strayed in from the Bangor Abbey website where I went to 'borrow' a picture of the mural!
David Chillingworth