Thursday, 16 October 2008


Harvest season in "The Four Churches" on the Lisburn Road is almost over. This coming Sunday we gather in Ulsterville for the final celebration. Already Belfast South Methodist, Saint Nicholas' and Windsor Presbyterian have decorated their respective churches, given thanks for harvest and distributed the produce. Will the attitude of thanksgiving continue into the days ahead when life may be tough and belts need to be tightened?
How we react in any situation is a choice. We can look at our circumstances and see nothing but gloom and despair. Or we can see what is happening and recognise that we are held in God's strong arms. A moment of thankfulness helps to restore balance in an unsteady world.
Meanwhile, as my hairdresser said today, "Only two more haircuts until Christmas"! Time continues to pass as more or less the same rate that it always only seems to go more quickly, doesn't it?

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