Saturday, 20 September 2008

Wandering around

It's amazing what you see when you look properly... You need to keep your eyes open or you'd miss the sweet pea at the bottom of the garden, cornflower still in bloom, the box of mints hidden from my reach...

The latter I found when wandering around looking for something to do. It took a while to unwrap the outer layers and just as I was tucking into the contents "the boss" arrived and removed the lot! Something to do with "dark chocolate is especially bad for dogs". Huh! Surely something that tastes so good couldn't be bad...? The stuff that is sold as "dog chocolates" simply doesn't have the same flavour and I refuse to eat it. Indeed I can't be bothered even to bury it because the flavour won't improve.

The latest conversation here is about a website. Apparently we're going "live" very soon. That will be at and no doubt there'll be a picture or two of me on it eventually.

But before that happens there'll be a lot of hoovering and cleaning as I hear there's to be a coffee morning here next week for Macmillan. Hopefully someone will drop the odd biscuit crumb...

Right now it is time I had a walk. "The boss" has been stuck at the computer for far too long and it is my job to insist on some exercise. The sun is shining - rather a rare appearance these days - and before the lawn mower is mentioned I'd need to drag her off to the park!

I hope this short item will help to silence all those people who've been complaining that I never update the blog. As for "the boss" adding anything - there doesn't seem to be much chance of that in the next day or two. She's busy getting stuff together for the church magazine - the deadline for that is early next week.

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